Spectrum Interiors
Steven C. Adamko - Expert Interior Designer


The Right Look

The right look is always important for any interior design scheme. But, if you have just a look only, without the ambiance, you have been shortchanged. At Spectrum Interiors, every aspect of the look is totally orchestrated to integrate with the architecture and the environment as desired by the client. Make no mistake, it has to look right ... to be right. But to be right, it also needs ambiance!

The Right Ambiance

Here at Spectrum Interiors, the definition of ambiance goes further than any dictionary definition. Steven C. Adamko defines it as "the intangible element of an interior that touches the heart, soul, mind, and emotions…that is visually appealing; intellectually stimulating; emotionally satisfying; and tactilely enriching for the occupants and others." This is what interior design is all about!

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When a "Mere Look" just won't do ... You Need Ambiance ... Orchestrated Especially for You!