You Want Your Home Interior Design to Be As Orchestrated As A Piece of Music.
Does It Deliver  with a Standing Ovation?

Steven C. Adamko - Interior Designer
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Home Staging
A Home Stager Like You have Never Seen!

As a Comprehensive Holistic Interior Designer:
I have 38+ years of high-level experience.

I have a tremendous breadth of skills. "If women don't fine you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

I Stage Homes with an Approach Like No Other.

You're Talking to a Pro Here! ... Not a Stager with a Certificate from a 3-day course.

I am also A Real Estate Professional.

You are selling your home ... you are selling architecture, you are selling a floor plan, you are selling a life for someone else. You only need one well-fitted buyer.

I have a selling strategy, not just a staging look. It is a Unique Selling Strategy based on Integrity.

Most staged homes have a distintive "Staged Look." A lot of times it's the look of an amateur. I can see it a mile away.

Now can be the best time of your life and to foster a win-win situation between you and the buyer.  We can add a bunch of good stuff to your life in the midst of selling a home that you have forged a lot of memories in and a  home that you have loved and are now ready to give up. We can facilitate the whole strategy and presentation like you will not believe. But with hearing and seeing, you will indeed be believeing!

Call me at 866-239-6520 and let's get started Staging Right ... in a way that you will be proud of. I am no Amateur, and I am no Tourist. I am Your Expert Guide. Like You won't believe. I'm that Good.

I specialize in the right look, feeling, and ambiance tailored just for you and your home like a high-end suit. Whether you are a man or a woman, I can deliver the goods. I know how to appeal to your ultimate buyer.

I am coming out with a new podcast segment on my podcast called "Interior Design Beat" that will pull back the curtain of a lot of stagers and some sly deceptive techniques that are used.

The "Interior Design Beat" is on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.FM, Podbean, TuneIn, and Libsyn.

Libsyn is my Hosting Platform.

You will have to buckle up your seat-belt very soon.

Yours Truly,

Steven C. Adamko
Interior Designer
Lighting Designer
Furniture Designer
Home Stager
Ambiance Expert
Relationship Expert