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Color! ... It's How You Light It!
Color is such an immense subject. There is definitely more to it than meets the eye. It is just as deep and broad as music theory. And when you think about it, color is very much like music. When orchestrated right, it becomes very symphonic in its presentation. Don't be amateurs about this. You have to know how to do it right!
The Dynamics of Color
The dynamics of color are actually mind-boggling. The subject of color is  much deeper than you ever imagined. Most people use color in a very amateur and juvenile  way, and it is very evident just by looking at what they have done. This applies to many so-called "professionals" in this easily infiltrated field of interior design.
Creating Interior Design Ambiance
Creating ambiance is a big deal no matter what your budget happens to be. So many people provide just a look. Because it's just a look, it tends to be  superficial. Ambiance is an  intangible element, but extremely important to the total enjoyment of a space. Amateurs and many professionals do not have a handle on this!
Staging and Anti-Staging
Staging has some very positive aspects to it. Yet many stagers overlook a lot of elements because they are not true professional interior designers. Sorry! ... They are amateur decorators. That's why I came up with anti- staging (similar to anti-aging :-)) and buyer protection. Here I de-bunk the myths surrounding this service.
How to Use Color to Work Magic!
In the hands of a master, color can indeed be magical. The depth and richness of color is a force to be reckoned with. It holds immense power over our emotions and our reactions to it. Amateurs seem to mess it up all the time. They don't know how to handle the power of it, along with all its nuances including hue, value, and intensity.
How to Buy a Home Properly
For most people, buying a home will be the biggest expense of their lifetime. While many aspects factor into the purchase of a home, it still has to fit you and your lifestyle correctly from the inside out. Many people do not give proper due diligence to the floor plan and its' dynamics. These aspects affect your life in a very big way.
Buying and Selling Homes
There are some very vital elements of buying and selling homes that very few professionals are aware of. Certain dynamics can enhance either the buying or the selling of a home. These aspects bring about a win-win scenario. Several critical techniques have come about by me personally selling my own home in a tough economy.
Backgrounds for Great Interiors
Interior design backgrounds are extremely important to presenting people and furnishings in such a way as to create "gems in their own settings." The variations in color, texture, and value can create just the right amount of contrast for people and furnishings to be truly appreciated. This is an element too often overlooked!